The traveling woman

Don’t hold your breath, just let me go

For when you see me again

I will not be the person you see today

My looks will fade

My eyes will be a distant washed out grey

Lines will burrow deep in my face

Holding with them the miles I’ve gone

The memories I’ve made, tears I’ve cried

My hair will be thin, a powdery white

My bones will be brittle, quite fragile indeed

But my soul will be stronger than ever

A true gem inside my body

Not touched, or tainted, but beautiful

Let me go.

When the time comes we’ll be together again

Just not now, for it’s too soon of time




I’ve always been so captivated by the majestic beings and the myths our elders would share. It’s a beautiful world we live in. ❤️



Those nights where you feel so hopeless and alone,

Where all you know is that you don’t want to go home.

Those are the nights I remember the most.

The ones where I thought there was no escape.

No one there who could understand,

The captivating thoughts I locked myself in.

Those thoughts that made me wish air didn’t exist,

That I could suffocate myself with the stillness and silence my life became.

Wishing I could escape this hell…this damned place I found myself.

So, I’d walk, I’d walk until I could no more.

Until the soles on my shoes turned to hot rubber,

Making me feel what, again, it was like to physically hurt.

Then I’d remember I still had to go back.

But go back to that loathsome place I call home?

To that depression creating environment people call life?

“Well, that’s just how it is, some people don’t have a choice.”

That’s what they say when you’d talk about going away.

Going away where? Run away or drift through the night…

Returning to that one place you saw bearing so much warm light.

When you were so close to being free, when you had a choice,

Standing there feeling the pain, the warmth of the wet, red, blood.

So, close, so goddamn close to going away.

But people are taught what’s wrong and what’s right and that was not right.

Freedom is what I sought, it’s what I craved and yearned for,

It’s what I fought for in my dreams.

To be free from this dreadful catastrophe.

Birds have to fly, given wings to soar through the sky.

That’s what I wanted, to fly and be free.

That’s how I know what you mean when you say,

It just might be better to run away.



Sleep my love

I love the way sleeping lovers lie.

The gravitational pull that brings them closer together as the night unwinds.

They become entangled in each other

Never hurting or harming, simply nurturing

Each soul, it’s a playing ground of peace

The slow of the heart beat

The cool of the skin

The quietness of just existing together…

It’s truly a beautiful dance.


“Are you afraid?”

Today, we look for beauty of the body, not the Mind.

Wealth in money, not the Soul.

Strength in muscle, not in Willpower.

We confuse lust for Love.

Blame others for our own wrong doings.

Cry when we drop our phones,

But avoid shedding a tear when someone threatens to leave.

We’ve become black holes who are afraid of emotions

Instead, we let those things called feelings decay in orbit.

We fear failure, therefore assume you just start at the top.

And if you don’t, one day you will, no need to work.

So, you ask if I’m afraid.

Yes, afraid one will only want me for my body

Not my mind, for that they run from.

Only want me when I succeed

My soul is nothing, my willpower, weak.

Say they love me, then leave, because it was all just lust.

Afraid that one day, I’ll become like them,

The sorry saps who think only of themselves.

Avoid feeling, communicating, and soon being.

Tell me, how could one succumb to such numbness?


There are things that make me think of you

Things that only you would do

How does one move on

When all they knew are now gone

Some say you smoke to remember and drink to forget

But these days both remind me of that day

The late winter, the frigid cold

I think it snowed that day, or maybe it rained

I guess it’s all the same

Days pretending everything’s okay

Nights conveying I’m still sane

When will it end, the matter of coping

I guess we’re just stuck, simply hoping

One day all will be fine

As they say…only with time.


Oldie but Goldie

This in an older one that I just stumbled upon! Written back in October:

With the days drifting away

Autumn turning into winter

The slow of your heart beat

And the warmth of your kiss

All I ask is for you to know this

In dreams, with you I am free

As we dance among the lilies

And love under the trees

Why, you’re a spirit I never thought I’d meet

A wish I made years ago

Well this, this is pure bliss

When I’m with you happiness radiates

So much so I know the world can feel it

Now that you’re here, I ask you not to go

For love for you is so raw and so pure

My dear, you are a blessing, that is for sure



Confined in this solitude, the silence of the void

Yet your laughter still resonates in my ear.

They drank your poison for far too long

Tasted your pain, only to crave more.

It’s addicting, the mental torture, the emotional rage.

Little did I know, how much you managed to obtain.

Leaving me to ponder, constantly pace.

How much they can endure, until they can comprehend

How to break the chains, without losing themselves.

The brain, you see, is such a game.

A strange invention, quite complex…

I’d say I was lucky and had broken free,

From your sadistic torture, thinking I was sober

Yet here I am still addicted to just the thought of you.


Midnight love

It’s tonight, in this fading light,

We relearn the things we once forgot.

We’ll fall in love again,

And understand the things we can’t quite comprehend.

The night casts its’ charm

While we lay here in each other’s arms.

Waves crashing, stars illuminating your eyes.

The sound of love bursting like glitter in the night sky.

We start to see things we’ve never seen before,

A new wrinkle above ones brow,

A little dimple hidden in the corner of your smile.

Can it be, all the the things we once thought were wrong?

As one takes a deep breath you hear a new beat,

An alluring sound that makes this all complete.

You think of all the times longing for this day,

When you realize your love has been embodied

By the one who you share your soul.

When love was young, we took it for granted

Now that out love has aged, it doesn’t wither away?

It’s tonight, in this radiant moonlight

Looking into the clear sky,

You realize…it’s become impossible to say goodbye.


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