Distant memories

Did you ever read the letter I wrote to you years ago? When the vision of you was still so raw, the memories seemed so sweet like when the setting sun hits the pond with a reflection so bold and all you hear are the chirps of crickets in the cattails as the lily pad slowly floats along its way. I guess we’ll never really know all those honeysuckle rhymes. It was a melancholy daze that made the hours fly away. Did you ever notice how long the time seemed to pass? When not a hi nor a bye was returned from your side. Wracking my mind with the million questions that slowly suffocated the caterpillar locked in its cocoon. An innocent love and adoration filled the sheets of my notebook, each poem dancing among the lines, always fearing of falling but never knowing how to let go. Now it seems I’ve lost my place, you never did answer the question which opened this page. Did you ever read the letter I wrote to you years ago?



“Silence, that’s what I need. In this urban melting pot of noise, it is the silence I seek. That deafening silence that is so quiet and abrupt it sounds like a million trombones, a string quartet, and then a low hum in the distance until your senses realize..after a minute…it’s nothing. Just you, alone. No frequencies, no horns or yelling bastards. No thumps or bumps or upstairs neighbors…just you, silent and alone. This mind of mine, racing all the time. Silence sounds like a sweet dessert I haven’t tasted for a long long while.”



I miss you

Yes I do

I miss you

That is true

These days are long

The nights, longer

When I gaze at the stars

All I wonder is where you are

When I glance at the sun

All I think of is what I’ve done

And I miss you

Yes I do

I miss you

Yes, that is true.


I’ve lost track.

Stuck in the encapsulating quicksand

Each hour getting lowered

Each day fighting to stay above

And I miss you

Yes I do

I miss you

Yes, that is true.



The traveling woman

Don’t hold your breath, just let me go

For when you see me again

I will not be the person you see today

My looks will fade

My eyes will be a distant washed out grey

Lines will burrow deep in my face

Holding with them the miles I’ve gone

The memories I’ve made, tears I’ve cried

My hair will be thin, a powdery white

My bones will be brittle, quite fragile indeed

But my soul will be stronger than ever

A true gem inside my body

Not touched, or tainted, but beautiful

Let me go.

When the time comes we’ll be together again

Just not now, for it’s too soon of time



Sleep my love

I love the way sleeping lovers lie.

The gravitational pull that brings them closer together as the night unwinds.

They become entangled in each other

Never hurting or harming, simply nurturing

Each soul, it’s a playing ground of peace

The slow of the heart beat

The cool of the skin

The quietness of just existing together…

It’s truly a beautiful dance.


“Are you afraid?”

Today, we look for beauty of the body, not the Mind.

Wealth in money, not the Soul.

Strength in muscle, not in Willpower.

We confuse lust for Love.

Blame others for our own wrong doings.

Cry when we drop our phones,

But avoid shedding a tear when someone threatens to leave.

We’ve become black holes who are afraid of emotions

Instead, we let those things called feelings decay in orbit.

We fear failure, therefore assume you just start at the top.

And if you don’t, one day you will, no need to work.

So, you ask if I’m afraid.

Yes, afraid one will only want me for my body

Not my mind, for that they run from.

Only want me when I succeed

My soul is nothing, my willpower, weak.

Say they love me, then leave, because it was all just lust.

Afraid that one day, I’ll become like them,

The sorry saps who think only of themselves.

Avoid feeling, communicating, and soon being.

Tell me, how could one succumb to such numbness?

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