Moon Lover

I drank from the moon its sweet nectar

Rejuvenated my bones, so weak I did feel

She taught me the tune to the love song I once sang

Wrapped me in her warmth under pale, calming, rays

I knew I was lost and knew I shouldn’t stay

Afraid of the darkness, I was entranced by her ways

The love of the moonlight, the peace she did bring

I was alone, knowing I needed to go

But something wouldn’t let me

I needed to stay

I heard the soft beat of a heart in the distance

Could hear the breath of a being so new

As I glanced to my right

Draped in her soft, sweet, rays was a soul so bright

Gazing up at the starlight

Slowly, our eyes met one another

That is when she whispered, “My dear Moon Lover meet The Star Gazer”


Night wanders

It is when I cannot sleep

That is when I weep

Compelling thoughts I’ve never shared

Secrets I cannot bare

In the silence of the night

The cool dark air

Waiting for the coming dawn

I whisper my truths to the room

A feeling of freedom, a feeling of grief

Spilling it all out, like a jar full of beads that just hit the ground

I know I am alone, in the darkness I’m home

Yet I fear someone is around

How quiet the world and soft the noise

Street lights spilling into the room

Casting shadows through the window pane

It’s not a starlit night yet there isn’t a cloud in sight

A peculiar time, wrapped up in this head of mine


Canvas love

Well, my love, I could stare at you all day

Paint your portrait on my canvas so blindingly white

Cover it in colors so vibrant, so soft

Soft to the touch, like your lips

Your lips so pink they compliment your eyes so blue

Eyes that make my soul melt into you

Yet I’d have to craft a way to showcase your mind

So brilliant and unique, how do you paint a mind on a canvas too small

Too small to portray all the things I’d want to convey

How beautiful your soul and enticing your mind

I find I’m at a loss of words, why you’ve got me tied up in a bind

A bind I’d rather not undo because I simply can’t get enough of you


Distant memories

Did you ever read the letter I wrote to you years ago? When the vision of you was still so raw, the memories seemed so sweet like when the setting sun hits the pond with a reflection so bold and all you hear are the chirps of crickets in the cattails as the lily pad slowly floats along its way. I guess we’ll never really know all those honeysuckle rhymes. It was a melancholy daze that made the hours fly away. Did you ever notice how long the time seemed to pass? When not a hi nor a bye was returned from your side. Wracking my mind with the million questions that slowly suffocated the caterpillar locked in its cocoon. An innocent love and adoration filled the sheets of my notebook, each poem dancing among the lines, always fearing of falling but never knowing how to let go. Now it seems I’ve lost my place, you never did answer the question which opened this page. Did you ever read the letter I wrote to you years ago?



“Silence, that’s what I need. In this urban melting pot of noise, it is the silence I seek. That deafening silence that is so quiet and abrupt it sounds like a million trombones, a string quartet, and then a low hum in the distance until your senses realize..after a minute…it’s nothing. Just you, alone. No frequencies, no horns or yelling bastards. No thumps or bumps or upstairs neighbors…just you, silent and alone. This mind of mine, racing all the time. Silence sounds like a sweet dessert I haven’t tasted for a long long while.”


Embers and Eyes

I remember the embers smoldering in your eyes

I never knew the type of flame they’d light

Like a circus act dancing too late into the night

Sipping on this wine, I remember why

A bitter taste that seems sweet after a while

You were a new face I never intended to erase

But life plays its games

You stood there and smiled, so innocent and pure

I was too scared to know what to do

Too weak to run into you

Hours go by, while days run and hide

Caught up in this spiral, constantly falling

Your flames burned cities down

Leaving me in the ashes.



I’ve always been so captivated by the majestic beings and the myths our elders would share. It’s a beautiful world we live in. ❤️


Sleep my love

I love the way sleeping lovers lie.

The gravitational pull that brings them closer together as the night unwinds.

They become entangled in each other

Never hurting or harming, simply nurturing

Each soul, it’s a playing ground of peace

The slow of the heart beat

The cool of the skin

The quietness of just existing together…

It’s truly a beautiful dance.


Oldie but Goldie

This in an older one that I just stumbled upon! Written back in October:

With the days drifting away

Autumn turning into winter

The slow of your heart beat

And the warmth of your kiss

All I ask is for you to know this

In dreams, with you I am free

As we dance among the lilies

And love under the trees

Why, you’re a spirit I never thought I’d meet

A wish I made years ago

Well this, this is pure bliss

When I’m with you happiness radiates

So much so I know the world can feel it

Now that you’re here, I ask you not to go

For love for you is so raw and so pure

My dear, you are a blessing, that is for sure


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