Moon Lover

I drank from the moon its sweet nectar

Rejuvenated my bones, so weak I did feel

She taught me the tune to the love song I once sang

Wrapped me in her warmth under pale, calming, rays

I knew I was lost and knew I shouldn’t stay

Afraid of the darkness, I was entranced by her ways

The love of the moonlight, the peace she did bring

I was alone, knowing I needed to go

But something wouldn’t let me

I needed to stay

I heard the soft beat of a heart in the distance

Could hear the breath of a being so new

As I glanced to my right

Draped in her soft, sweet, rays was a soul so bright

Gazing up at the starlight

Slowly, our eyes met one another

That is when she whispered, “My dear Moon Lover meet The Star Gazer”


Canvas love

Well, my love, I could stare at you all day

Paint your portrait on my canvas so blindingly white

Cover it in colors so vibrant, so soft

Soft to the touch, like your lips

Your lips so pink they compliment your eyes so blue

Eyes that make my soul melt into you

Yet I’d have to craft a way to showcase your mind

So brilliant and unique, how do you paint a mind on a canvas too small

Too small to portray all the things I’d want to convey

How beautiful your soul and enticing your mind

I find I’m at a loss of words, why you’ve got me tied up in a bind

A bind I’d rather not undo because I simply can’t get enough of you


Sleep my love

I love the way sleeping lovers lie.

The gravitational pull that brings them closer together as the night unwinds.

They become entangled in each other

Never hurting or harming, simply nurturing

Each soul, it’s a playing ground of peace

The slow of the heart beat

The cool of the skin

The quietness of just existing together…

It’s truly a beautiful dance.


Oldie but Goldie

This in an older one that I just stumbled upon! Written back in October:

With the days drifting away

Autumn turning into winter

The slow of your heart beat

And the warmth of your kiss

All I ask is for you to know this

In dreams, with you I am free

As we dance among the lilies

And love under the trees

Why, you’re a spirit I never thought I’d meet

A wish I made years ago

Well this, this is pure bliss

When I’m with you happiness radiates

So much so I know the world can feel it

Now that you’re here, I ask you not to go

For love for you is so raw and so pure

My dear, you are a blessing, that is for sure


Midnight love

It’s tonight, in this fading light,

We relearn the things we once forgot.

We’ll fall in love again,

And understand the things we can’t quite comprehend.

The night casts its’ charm

While we lay here in each other’s arms.

Waves crashing, stars illuminating your eyes.

The sound of love bursting like glitter in the night sky.

We start to see things we’ve never seen before,

A new wrinkle above ones brow,

A little dimple hidden in the corner of your smile.

Can it be, all the the things we once thought were wrong?

As one takes a deep breath you hear a new beat,

An alluring sound that makes this all complete.

You think of all the times longing for this day,

When you realize your love has been embodied

By the one who you share your soul.

When love was young, we took it for granted

Now that out love has aged, it doesn’t wither away?

It’s tonight, in this radiant moonlight

Looking into the clear sky,

You realize…it’s become impossible to say goodbye.


Ocean Stars

Under a million stars I fall

For this iridescent melody,

As the waves crash against the rocks

Creating enchanting harmonies.

I’m enveloped in this cool dark air,

Sensing a release from the thoughts that harnessed me,

Lack of simplicity can lead to toxicity;

As a caged mind can only rattle the chains so many times.

Feelings of drowning in time yet to come,

I look to the sky and see her shining bright.

Why, I’ve danced this dance many a night.

Breathing in this soft ocean air,

It captivates me, lifting this haze with her charm

I am at home in this light, this perfect moonlit night.


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